Q. Biography/Background

A.  Jamie Blake was born in Massachusetts, the third of four sisters. Since she has had scarlet fever, she is worried whenever she goes on sea-side holiday. Luckily, she doesn't play the piano. 

She graduated from the University of Rochester and Cornell University. She now works in upstate New York where she lives with her husband, baby and identical twin cats.

Q. Your first novel is called "The Last Ghost." Do you believe in ghosts?

A. I have never seen any evidence that ghosts are real, but I sincerely hope they are.  

Q. What inspires your work?

A.  For "The Last Ghost" the story came to me as I was struggling with grief over a tragic loss, and I felt that nothing could comfort me in the way I wanted. So I wanted to write the book I needed to read during that time. 

In general, I find ordinary people living ordinary lives fairly magical, so I like to tell those stories. 

Q. Your bio says that you write "smart books for young people." What does that mean? 

A. I distinctly remember being appalled in high school when an adult said that high school-ers don't know what real love or real pain is. In my books, I try to remember the full range of emotions and depth of experience young people have, to be honest and to respect the reader's intelligence. 

Q. What are you working on now?

A. A young adult book about a girl's basketball team, a family with several sisters, and an unlucky streak.

Q.  What house/faction are you in?

A. I am the very rare Slytherin/Amity combination--ambitious, but kind. 



Tewksbury, MA

September 22 at 10 am at the Tewksbury Book Festival


Albany, New York

September 29, 12 noon at the Albany Book Festival

October 20th, 3 pm at The Book House Stuyvesant Plaza--Book Signing/Launch Party




For BookClubs

Books and friends and food are some of my favorite things, so I would love to talk to your book club. 

I can either answer questions for your book club either by sending me questions in advance or via Skype. Or, if you want me to just join your book club, I'm in too.