Thanksgiving/Winter Break Playlist

I went to college eight hours away (by car) from my parent's house, so while you could drive home for a weekend, a weekend visit in general felt too short. Thus, after never being away from home for more than one week, I left for school August 25, and then didn't return home until November 25. 

Talk about ripping the band-aid off, I sometimes felt like the most homesick girl in New York. The following playlist is for the final days before Thanksgiving or Winter Break, when you just can't wait to go home, but have miles to go before you your childhood bed.

I'm sure I must be missing some, but I can't think of that many "Thanksgiving" novels. You can skip directly to the winter holidays or enjoy some of truly entertaining Thanksgiving specials--I recommend Friends season 5 Thanksgiving episode, The West Wing season 3 episode 8, and This is Us season 1 Thanksgiving.

Please put in the comments your favorite song recommendations for that first visit back home, or the best Thanksgiving shows. Also, are there Thanksgiving novels?


Happy Thanksgiving Friends!