Adaptations: PBS Little Women

I watched PBS's adaptation of Little Women yesterday. Either I have now reached the key demographic, or Masterpiece's content is on fire, because I have been loving their programming lately.

I love Little Women. As I have said elsewhere, I'm the third of four daughters in Massachusetts, which always makes me nervous when I get strep throat. I don't know if I have a favorite adaptation, but I think this was a pretty good one. 

One of the decisions this adaptation made was to give more screen time to the relationship with Jo and the Professor. Jo marrying the Professor is widely considered one of the most controversial decisions in literature. In this adaptation, the Professor is cast much younger and they spend some time on their true intellectual connection. 

Many fans wanted Laurie and Jo to end up together and believe that Alcott kept them apart out of spite. In fact, when the Professor says, "your heart understood mine,"  I think that convinced me of their love. 

However, I think Alcott does a better job in the book explaining how Amy and Laurie actually make a good couple and this adaptation that seemed a little fast. It's important that is doesn't seem like Laurie is settling for Amy. 

My biggest gripe is that the sisters all seemed around the same age, when in my imagination, Amy is much younger. 

Keep making all my favorite books in mini-series PBS!

What did you think about this adaptation? Do you have other favorites?