Meet the Fatalities: Nisha, Suicide

She was going to throw herself under the first car as its center came opposite where she stood. Her little red traveling-bag caused her to lose the moment ; she could not detach it from her arm. She awaited the second. A feeling like that she had experienced once, just before taking a dive in the river, came over her, and she made the sign of the cross. This familiar gesture called back to her soul a whole series of memories of her youth and childhood ; and suddenly the darkness which hid every- thing from her was torn asunder. Life, with its elusive joys, glowed for an instant before her. But she did not take her eyes from the car; and when the center, be- tween the two wheels, appeared, she threw away her red bag, drawing her head between her shoulders, and, with outstretched hands, threw herself on her knees under the car.”—Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

Some of the literary suicide deaths are some of the most heartbreaking. What other fictional deaths would have received Nisha.