Thoughts on Podcasts as a Reader

I'm a writer, but more than that I identify as a reader. So when it comes to podcasts, I often say I prefer to read the story--it is faster, can be done with fewer items of equipment, and no one laughs at their own jokes. 

However, my partner is someone who loves podcasts, and as podcasts become more ubiquitous, I have had to change my tune. 

A few things that changed my thoughts on podcasts, especially as a reader, even though I still "hate to listen." 

1) You cannot read and drive. In this environment, podcasts are far superior. 

2) Its easier to share with a friend. You can immediately learn something at the same time, as opposed to waiting for your friend to get to the good part. 

3) So far, podcasts have managed the interactive portion better than books have. 

Here are a few podcasts that I myself have enjoyed. 

1) My friend Heather introduces her friend Ramsey to emo music from the 2000s on "If You're Listening."

2) A podcast about books! Writer Daniel Ford, Sean Tuohy and friends interview writers about books, writing, and life on "Writer's Bone."

3) My partner recommends anything from the Maximum Fun network, including the "Adventure Zone" where three brothers and their father play a modified version of Dungeons and Dragons live.

4) I appear on an interactive podcast "Complete the List" which is a game-show style podcast. You can listen to me here:

Feel free to recommend more, although my partner says he has 49 days worth of podcast backlog!