The Book that Changed My Life: Part I

When I was a teacher, I once taught a lesson on the purpose of writing--we write to inform, to entertain, to persuade, or to explain. However, what was not included in that lesson, was that sometimes we read, it changes our lives more than we could expect.

As Stephen King wrote, "books are a uniquely portable magic."

Here, I'm going to talk about a book that changed my life--in fairly unexpected ways. 

First, The View From Saturday by E. L. Konisburg



If I remember correctly, I first read The View from Saturday in the fourth grade. The book tells the story of four students who aren't friends coming together as a team to compete in an Academic bowl competition. 

The only female member of the team, Nadia, has curly red hair and saves baby turtles, so I identified with her immediately. My biggest regret was that there was no academic bowl team for me to join at school. 

I had to wait ten years until I found my opportunity. I was wandering around the club fair during college orientation when I saw the sign up for the quiz bowl team.  Remembering The View From Saturday, I decided to sign-up. I had signed up for too many clubs that day, but knew I was serious about that one--off the find my souls. 

Through that quiz bowl team I met some of my best friends, and most importantly, my husband, who was behind the club table when I signed up that day. 

I'll also be thankful to E.L. Konisburg for writing a book that made me so happy while reading, and changed my life forever!




Here is me around club fair freshmen year!