Goal for 2018

I like resolutions.  I'm bad at making them, but I like supporting other people's resolutions. For instance, when I'm in a point in my life when I'm going to the gym pretty regularly, I feel pressured into avoiding the gym at the beginning of January to make space for all the resolution-ers. 

(P.S. If going to the gym was your resolution, don't let anyone make you feel like you don't belong there. If you paid for a membership you belong there, whether you went for the first time or every day for the past 365.)

This year's goal is going to be something a little different. Usually I do some sort of combination writing goal/running goal, with travel, professional/personal goals. 

This year, I will still plan on meeting those goals--start a new novel, run a few races, do well at my job, be the best wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend I can be. However, to keep challenging myself, I have set a new goal for 2018.

I will learn to code. 

It's time for me to walk the walk a bit more about girls in STEM. 

Respond if you have any suggestions about best learn to code sites!